My New MacBook Pro 2019

This is an exciting post to write because I just got myself a new MacBook Pro! I am a MacBook user for 7 years already

6 Things I Use Every Day and Can’t Live Without

I made this type of post three years ago and I think it’s time for another one of this. There are a few things that

What I Got For My 24th Birthday

My birthday month is something that I look forward to every year because I kid you not, it’s the month where only good things happen

Lovin’ Lately | April 2019

I know why you came here for (hint: photo above) but before I talk about it, I just wanna say how inconsistent I have been

What I Love in January 2019

Bringing this post back from the dead archive of my blog for the sake of reminiscing what I have loved in the past months. I’ve

5 Things I Currently Treasure Right Now

Hi pretty things. Today I’ll be talking about a few things that I treasure the most right now. Not that I don’t treasure everything else