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3 things I tried this month

February is the month of trying new things and venturing into something that is out of my comfort zone....

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My New iPad Air (4th Generation)

A big purchase that I didn’t plan on making when I start 2021. I have been wanting one of...

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Ana Tomy Customised Planner in Melon

I totally broke my promise in this post and got myself a new planner. Oops. I didn’t mean to....

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My guilty pleasure wish list

Hello, welcome to Erin’s Ridiculous List of guilty pleasures she shouldn’t be lusting, but she does, anyway. Based on...

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Friday Favourites 10

things to be happy for this week MacBook Pro transparent case In my last Friday Favourites, I mentioned getting...

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Why I stopped bullet journalling

I’m writing this post with a heavy heart because not even once did I imagine myself ever writing about...

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