Meet Erin

Hi, I’m Erin

I’m a 25-year-old blogger and wife residing in Selangor, Malaysia. Apart from blogging, my interest goes as far as having watching 4900 episodes (legit number) of tv shows to as little as drinking coffee every day. Oh! I bullet journal too, if that piques your interest.

I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Education from MSU in July 2019 and have recently gotten married to the love of my life in November 2019. I am currently enjoying being a full-time housewife and blogger although I would like to start my career very soon.

After a decade of blogging, I finally found a blogging tone that fits my personality and interests as a mid-20s.

This blog has been self-titled for the longest time but I thought it was time to finally rename it to little sips of tea. as I always found myself with a cup of tea when I’m writing. You can expect a lot of posts ranging from tv shows, bullet journal, random chatty posts, a ‘lil bit of beauty, and a lot of the word ‘Netflix’ in between. I strive to make better contents for my blog and I really hope you enjoy this little corner of the web of mine as much as I love writing for it.