2021 in bullet point

My 2021 – to put it into words – was bland. It flew by so fast and suddenly we’re in 2022, coming to year three of this pandemic. I’m honestly having a hard time trying to write this post because aside from the birth of my daughter in October, I don’t remember anything about the year at all which is quite a shame. However, to freshen up my memories of the year I’m going to go through my Instagram stories archive and planner. Here goes!

Anyway, I hope it’s not too late to wish you a very happy new year and may this year bring you all the joy in the world!

Monthly recap

  • My parents were moving to their new house and I helped them pack. Well, technically, it’s my house too because they’re my parents 🤣
  • Started obsessing over Bask Bear Coffee sea salt chocolate. It was so delicious!
  • I bought an iPad Air 4 (a year later and I’m still in love!)
  • I tried having a career, spent a few hundreds getting licenses for it but due to my second pregnancy I just couldn’t commit.
  • I purchased GoodNotes 5 for my iPad and loved it!
  • Started packing stuff because my husband and I (and my son, of course) are moving out of my in-laws’.
  • Found out that I’m pregnant with our second baby which was a surprise.
  • We have moved! I spent a good month cleaning, including a thorough mattress cleaning and arranging the apartment. Finally living alone with your husband and kid feels so good.
  • Got hooked on ice blended mango that is selling near my apartment.
  • Went shopping with my family without my husband because he has an online class (he’s taking a second Master’s degree)
  • My brother kindly got me an AirPods for my birthday!
  • Went out to eat Dubuyo on my birthday and my husband got me the Longchamp Le Pliage that I have been wanting for a few months. It’s my favourite bag right now.
  • Went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy and to have the first baby scan.
  • I watched a football match with my husband (it was EPL Manchester United vs Tottenham) and I got hooked! I blamed it on pregnancy hormone but I’m still loving football now.
  • It was ramadan and my doctor advised me to not fast for the sake of my baby. So I only fasted for five days.
  • We went out for iftar with my family. Little did I know that it was my last time going to the mall for a very. Long. Time. Covid spiked cases 😭
  • Bought my first Calaqisya dress. Loved it!
  • Still got duit raya weeheeee.
  • I bought a chopper #adultingLOL
  • Lockdown in my country and my husband and I binged watched The Good Doctor.
  • One of the happiest days of my life when my son FINALLY wants to drink from a bottle. He wants formula milk!
  • Had his first fever (and hopefully the only one because mummy couldn’t bear seeing you all sick)
  • I tried Frenché Roast coffee. OMG delicious! 100% recommend especially the iced french latte.
  • I got my first dose of Pfizer vaccine! My husband’s cousin who works in a hospital helped in getting me an appointment.
  • I tried Gochujang fried rice for the first time made by my husband. Top notch. Yum.
  • Finally had water filter from Coway installed! It’s been postponed since June due to Covid lockdown.
  • I caved in and bought my first digital planner from Etsy. And oh boy I haven’t stopped buying..
  • Received my second dose of Pfizer vaccine. I’m fully vaxxed now!
  • It’s durian season! My family (mom’s side) has an orchard and we have quite a few durian tree so we have frozen durian all stocked up haha.
  • My husband made chicken chop for dinner. Definitely my fave chicken chop ever.
  • My son turns one year old… Oh how time flies.
  • I don’t have much going this month except drinking coffee and going for checkups every week as it’s nearing my due date.
  • Did a covid test before my admission to the hospital. I’ve done it twice and both of them were for giving birth. Hahaha.
  • Moved in to my in-laws’ for a month so they can help with taking care of my son.
  • Got admitted to the hospital on the last day of September.
  • Gave birth to my daughter!
  • It’s pantang month for me so there’s nothing exciting going on.
  • I did, in fact, started reading e-books.
  • My son started walking!
  • Moved in to my parents’.
  • Taylor released Red (Taylor’s Version) and my life is forever changed.
  • We went to Genting Premium Outlet after seven months of cooping up at home. Well, me, at least.
  • I bought 2022 planner from DashPlanner. Amazing planner system! I love it.
  • My cousin sister got engaged! She’s basically the big sister I never had but maybe she is my sister for real because our moms are sisters hahaa.
  • My husband and I went to his friend’s wedding reception. It’s my first wedding reception after so, so long. I believe the last wedding I went to was in August 2020? That’s more than a year ago.
  • Moved back in to my apartment! I miss it so. I miss being in control of my own house.
  • Purchased a Graco Ready2Grow double stroller that I’ve been wanting!
  • To close my 2021, my mom got me a gold necklace that she had made. I will wear it forever.

Some of my favourite moments…

  • Picked paint colours for my room at my parents’. They also got me a bedroom furniture set and an air-conditioner. I have my own bathroom which is awesome because I don’t have to share.
  • My little brother’s thoughtfulness of buying me an AirPods for my birthday. He bought it for my little sister for her birthday as well.
  • Longchamp Le Pliage bag from my husband for my birthday. This is my tenth month of using this bag. I did not change bag at all since I got it. That’s how much I love it.
  • I still got duit raya from my dad and brother.
  • Being stuck at home with my husband during lockdown. I mean, the lockdown was not cool at all but I love having him home.
  • Being fully vaccinated.
  • I gave birth to my daughter. I have a son and daughter now so my life right now is focusing on raising them.
  • I revamped my blog with a design from a designer that I have been eyeing for so long and I am so satisfied and so over the moon with my blog.

Favourite buys

  • My Apple products. The iPad Air 4, Apple Pencil, AirPods, and Magic Mouse 2. I feel so blessed to be able to get them.
  • Longchamp Le Pliage bag.
  • Laneige Neo Cushion Glow.
  • Coway Neo Plus water purifier. #adulting.
  • Calaqisya kaftan dress.
  • Double glass coffee cup mug. So aesthetic.