Friday Favourites 13

things to be happy for this week

I’ve given birth!

Hello! I’m a momma of two now! I had elective caesarean section on Friday, October 1st and at 11.20 am, my baby girl is born! We named her Elena Nour Sofea and she’s the cutest thing ever. It’s so easy to take care of her, she rarely cries and she sleeps through the night (well, almost). Anyway, stay tune for my birth story which will be up soon, hopefully.

Starbucks cup

I love my Starbucks cup as seen on this post! It’s not original from Starbucks or anything. I got it from Shopee and I love it because 1. it’s huge (I think the capacity is 770ml?) and 2. the confetti bits on the cup is actually white that will turn colourful when you put cold drinks inside. I love it!

BENKS iPad Air case

My brother kindly got me a new iPad case and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s magnetic which is very very posh, by the way, because it sticks on the case and removing it is so easy as well. I wanted the pink one but it didn’t have a pencil cap so I went with sky blue. The case is super soft and slim. It doesn’t take too much space in my bag which is a plus point right there.

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

I caved in and got myself an Apple Pencil. AAAAAAAAA. To be fair I accidentally dropped my alternative pencil I got from Shopee and it wasn’t working as it should be so I thought “OK I’m just gonna purchase the Apple Pencil” and I swear right after paying my mind went “WHAT DID I JUST DO” but oh well it’s all said and done. I bought a silicone case for it as well. I love that pencil, it’s amazing!

Money Heist

I got into the hype (albeit very late) and watched Money Heist, you guys. I didn’t bother with it at first because it’s not in English so I can’t do something else while have it playing in the background because I don’t understand the language. But it’s so good OMG it’s easily in my top 10 best tv series and I watch a lot of series, mind you. I would highly recommend it if you like Prison Break. They’re not similar in any way but the intelligence of main characters of both shows are on par.

Since I’m in 6-week confinement period right now, I don’t have much to do apart from taking care of my daughter. I spend a lot of time on my iPad in bed and one of the things that I do on it is playing games. When I was little, I always saw my dad playing Solitaire on his computer when he wasn’t working, and in time I acquired that habit as well.

I love playing that game on while nursing my daughter. I could be on it for hours, literally! But be careful, though, it’s so hard to win and I always get so frustrated for having to start a new game hahaha.

This is what solitaire game looks like if you’re not familiar. It’s addicting!
I played 23 games in one sitting and won only 5 games hahaha

There are a bunch of other games available on and another game that I like is mahjong. These are all classic games that I’m sure all of you have at least played them once. The great things about is you don’t need to download any app to play, just type in on your web browser and voila! The solitaire game is the first thing you see on the site.

And they have daily Sudoku as well! Every day a new sudoku puzzle is available so you can come back every day to play or you can do previous days’ puzzles. They have tons of other games but these three are my favourite!

How’s your week?