1st Trimester Pregnancy Update

I can’t believe that I am done with the first trimester of my pregnancy!

In case you didn’t know or missed the hints on my previous blog posts, I am pregnant again after my miscarriage in December. I didn’t expect to get pregnant so soon because I was still traumatised from when I miscarried but God blessed me again with a baby and I am just all over the moon. The difference now is I’m becoming more anxious and scared all the time because I do not want what happened, happens again. I guess you’ll get that feeling when you get pregnant again after a miscarriage.

How I found out

Just like my previous pregnancy, I had period-like cramps a week before I was due to menstruate but it didn’t come. The symptoms are similar to my previous pregnancy so I can kinda guess I was pregnant before I did the pregnancy test.

On January 11th, I did the test and I got a big fat positive (BFP). It wasn’t a shadow or anything, just a bright plus sign confirming what I have known all along. I was happy with the result but I can’t help but to think that the pregnancy might not last.

Ultrasound appointments

I went for many ultrasound appointments because this mama right here is just anxious and scared if anything happens to her baby haha. I went to a 6-week appointment to confirm my pregnancy. At this point the embryo was just too small so I couldn’t listen to the heartbeat yet.

The doctor made another appointment for me so I went back two weeks later at 8 weeks and I got to listen to the heartbeat! It was 164 beats per minute (bpm) and I was just so so happy. The doctor said everything is fine so she made another appointment for me at 12 weeks.

At my 12-week scan, the foetus was so much bigger and already looking like a baby at this point. I saw him (I don’t know the gender yet so I’m just going to refer to it as a he) moving his arms and it was just the cutest thing ever. I instantly fell in love. I knew that we were going to be best friends forever.


Now let’s talk pregnancy symptoms!

  • Tender, swollen breasts – Definitely a yes. I got that very early into my pregnancy so I guess that’s one of the most obvious symptoms?
  • Fatigue – Oh my god, it was the worst. I have been taking naps in the morning and in the evening. A few times, my husband woke me up when he got home from work at 7.30 pm.
  • Slight bleeding on cramping – I didn’t have any bleeding but I did have light cramping. It felt like my uterus was stretching and I got that a few times a day.
  • Nausea with or without vomiting – Yes. I didn’t vomit all that much but I got nauseated very early in the morning and crackers helped a lot.
  • Food aversions or cravings – No for food aversions but yes to cravings. I liked having rice with just sunny side up egg (without the yolk) and soy sauce and it must be prepared by my husband, I didn’t enjoy it when I prepared it myself haha, iced milo, soups, and fruits. Nothing fancy though.
  • Headaches – Yes. I’d get them every day.
  • Constipation – Not really, no.
  • Mood swings – Yes, but nothing major. Usually it could be solved by watching tv shows or taking a nap.
  • Faintness and dizziness – No to faintness but I did feel dizzy a couple of times especially in the shower or when I got up too fast.
  • Raised basal body temperature – Yes. I remember feeling like I have a fever but I wasn’t sick.
  • Just ‘feeling’ pregnant – Yes. As someone who’s in tune with her body, I felt like I was pregnant even before I did the pregnancy test.

I think that’s it for my pregnancy update! See you on my 2nd trimester update in a few months in shaa Allah x