How Much Did I Spend This Week? | 30 Dec – 5 Jan

I’ve never done this type of post before but just now I had a look through my planner where this year I started recording my spendings by week and I thought maybe it could be a great series for my blog. I recorded everything to the cent so I’m being transparent and 100 percent honest here. One thing that you should know is I’m a housewife (with a blog LOL) so I do not spend money on food or groceries because my husband pays for that – obviously – but I hope you still find it interesting!

30 Dec – 5 Jan expenditure


Extra treatment for my facial
My husband bought a 12-time facial package that he had already paid for but since I needed extra treatment/ampoule to treat my skin, each time I go for a facial I need to pay extra 30 ringgit for the extra treatment.


Neelofa Young & Glow Liquid Lipstick
My makeup artist for my wedding reception back in November used Neelofa Y & G liquid lipstick in Lotus on me and I LOVE the colour so I purchased it along with another shade called Aquarius.


Guardian drugstore sale
I can’t help but get a few things during the sale. I got myself a Maybelline brow pencil, the awesome Rimmel Stay Matte powder and a Vicks Vaporub for my stuffy nose. Random, I know.


We called it aiskrim Malaysia (Malaysian ice-cream) and it’s basically flavoured water that you put in a plastic tube and frozen. It’s so so good and mine was an Oreo flavour. Yum.


Parking ticket
I watched IP Man on the cinema with my husband last week so I paid for the parking ticket.


Blog domain name
If you haven’t read my previous post, I have changed my blog name from erinazmir to All the deets are explained in this post.

GT = RM175.10

It shouldn’t be that expensive but I did pay a whooping RM60 for a new domain + privacy protection so there’s that. The lipsticks, I totally need. The facial is worth it too because my skin is getting better with each treatment.

What do you think of this post? Should I make it a blog series?