6 Things I Use Every Day and Can’t Live Without

I made this type of post three years ago and I think it’s time for another one of this. There are a few things that are unchanged because I truly, really need them in my daily life. So here goes!

My laptop

I don’t know what I’m going to do without my laptop, to be honest. It’s my lifeline and just having it open on my desk is enough to make me feel productive. I can do everything with it and I honestly can’t live without it. I’ve sent it for repair twice where I didn’t have it overnight and those two times really made me think that I’m nothing without it LOL. Sounds exaggerating but it’s true!

My journals

Every morning, I would have breakfast and coffee on my desk while updating my bullet journal and making to-do lists for the day. A day without updating or looking at my journals especially my bullet journal is weird – like I have something important that I need to do and I’m forgetting to do it. With settling my marriage documents and keeping up with upcoming driving classes, I really need my journal to make sure I do what needs to be done.

My blog

Although I don’t update my blog every day, I am always checking on it to make sure I don’t have pending comments and whatnot. I like looking at dashboard and seeing my blog page views for the day. I also go on Bloglovin regularly so I don’t miss out on posts that catch my interest. Let’s not forget the trusty ol’ Blogger dashboard – I may not be on the platform anymore but I still have a lot of favourite blogs that I follow there.

My skincare products

My skin has been behaving erratically after I moved back with my family. Maybe it’s the weather or environment or maybe I’m just stressed out from having so many things in my plate right now. I cannot imagine life without my skincare products especially my hydrating toner and serums. They are lifesavers!

Redmi Airdots

Having a phone that has no earphone jack (thank you, Apple! *sarcasm*) is an annoyance when you’re charging your phone and you just want to plug in your earphones only to realise that… you can’t. Airpods? Too expensive. So the Redmi Airdots that I purchased two months ago is a lifesaver for times I couldn’t be bothered with using earphones.

coffee + cereal

It’s not something I use, but rather something that I have every morning. I’m trying to be a little bit more healthy so instead of the usual malay’s favourites nasi lemak and roti canai, I opt for coffee and cereal for my breakfast. My favourite cereal is the Fitnesse Honey & Almond with oats and if I have bananas, I’ll cut a banana into my cereal. It’s so good and filling!

So what are the things you can’t live without?