The Littlest Things That Inspire Me to be Productive

I’m in a state where I am not a student nor am I an employee, and though as much as I love not being both, it’s taking its toll on my productivity because I am literally sleeping, eating, and Netflix-ing the whole day. I do some bullet journalling and scheduling posts every other day too but I feel like such a slob and it’s time to be productive again. My 15 days of ‘unwinding’ is coming to an end. Hopefully. And here’s the littlest things I do to be in control again.

Using Magic Mouse again

Now, now. Hold that thought and hear my explanation for a little bit. I am a heavy laptop user and obviously with a laptop comes the trackpad but I recently found my Magic Mouse in my gadget bag and oh god I forgot just how much I love using a mouse. It makes doing everything on the laptop easier and I always use my laptop on my desk anyway so it’s perfect. I feel like I’m taking control of my life again. It’s the littlest thing that inspires you…

Watching Lilia’s videos

Lilia from is probably my favourite student + girl boss ever! I always keep my desk neat and tidy because hers looks Tumblresque and it’s a good thing that she inspires me to do something good and productive for myself. A tidy desk is everything when you’re trying to do some work. She juggles studying, blogging, making YouTube videos, and managing her online stationery store while looking on point every single day.

Purchasing a new bullet journal

As you can read from my previous post, I got a new bullet journal because the old one was dirty and to make it worse it wasn’t even my fault to begin with so starting fresh on a new bullet journal really does wonders in inspiring me to start journalling again. I did stop for two weeks because I couldn’t handle the old one knowing that it’s ruined. I still keep it because it’s a part of my journal collection now and maybe I can find some other use for it.

The Bear app

Last Sunday, I spent 4 hours looking for the perfect note-taking app that can sync between my MacBook and iPhone. I have found the perfect app for what I needed and it’s called the Bear app. I’m planning on using this app for my writing journal (sort of like diary entries) and to write blog posts. My bullet journal will be strictly for organisation, to-do lists and as a creative space where I can doodle and use my millions of pens.

Organising my pens

By the time you’re reading this post I have probably received my new stationeries that I ordered last weekend. My pencil case is overflowing with pens so I took two of my dad’s pen holder for my desk. They’re just basic, black ones but very practical for a bullet journaller like me. Maybe I should do a haul for my new stationeries..

Resetting my MacBook

I have had my MacBook for 6 years, and a heavy laptop user like me struggles with slow laptop quite so often. I have never reset my MacBook but I did it over the weekend and boy, did that just solved every problem I had with my Mac. I am much more excited to be working on my Mac as it feels like a brand new laptop. My laptop is running much smoother although I did lose my Photoshop CS6. Will get that sorted out, brb..

So these are the things I do to inspire me to be more productive. You don’t need anything fancy to inspire you, just as simple as improving the things you like doing and you’re good to go. It’s the littlest things…

What do you do to be more productive?