Let’s talk: I’m going vegan! …and a bunch of other things.

Before I go into the main reason why I’m writing this post, I would like to mention how I miss doing a let’s talk post where I talk about anything and everything under my radar. I need to start writing again and find my long-lost blogging mojo because I’m not going to let my blog die. I’ve nurtured it to the point where my blog is a part of my life that I might not write in a while but I’ll always come back to it because I know that it’s my safe space. Blogging needs creativity and right now that’s pretty much what I lack. BUT THAT’S GOING TO CHANGE! I’m struggling everyday after I got home from work by sitting in front of my laptop and work on trying to write. I have a skincare routine post on the way so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in a few days. Fingers crossed. The old Erin would have finished it in 6 hours but the new Erin is occupied with real life. Sobs.

First thing first, yesterday, I did the honour of donating my blood again for the second time in 5 years. Why that long, you may ask, well, every time there was a blood drive in my university (while I was still studying), I was always on my period which was kind of annoying (the timing couldn’t have been worse) or I was in a rush and couldn’t spend half an hour for it. I managed to do it because the place I work at held a blood drive during the weekend. I’m an O so I know that many people will benefit from my blood. I’m thinking of donating blood once in six months as a way to help other people. I know I will never know my blood’s recipient but a prayer’s enough.

I’m also looking for a club or society I can join that does community service weekly or at least once a month such as a visit to the orphanage/teaching volunteer, the old folk homes and all that jazz. I know that we usually do that in university and some companies do CSR also but I want something like an association or like I said, a club or anything at all. Do hit me up if you know any.

Now, for the most controversial topic that I want to talk about is I am planning to go vegan. What made me decide this? Honestly, I don’t know. But I just want to change my diet and adapt a healthier lifestyle. This has nothing to do with animals or anything but I’m not liking what I’m eating right now and I know that my skin is fucked up because of my diet. Right before I got into university when I was 18, my mom cooked everyday (she was a housewife) and my skin was flawless aside from a couple of zits here and there from me stressing out about being stressed about not studying. When I got into university, it’s like a zit bomb exploded on my skin and my skin has never been the same. I blame the food I eat because obviously I had no time to cook and all I ate was outside food that I didn’t know how hygienic the food preparation was.

Besides being vegan, I want to be a pescatarian where I am allowed to eat seafood. I have seafood allergy but fish is my favourite and I can’t not eat fish. Grilled salmon is the best! I’m hoping that I can find recipes that include fish in plant-based food. Right now, Sadia from Pick Up Limes is my favourite to watch. Her videos inspired me to start a vegan diet and I am in love with the recipes on her blog. They look super good!

However, I can’t change from someone who eats e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g to only eating plant-based overnight. It’s undoable for me no matter how inspired I am to start a new diet. I need some time to stop eating meat eventually but I hope that my health will improve, my skin will get better, and my lifestyle will become healthier.

If you’re a vegan, please point me to blogs or videos that can guide me in starting my new diet. I am pretty much clueless on where to start so a lil help from you lot would make a huge difference!