Types of Flower Arrangement for Different Occasions

Different occasions have their own unique feel to them. Most feel happiness, of course, but a different kind every time. You’re happy during your birthday because it sorts of uplifts your spirits—almost making you feel giddy with anticipation. On the other hand, you’re happy and feel uplifted during Christmas but for entirely different reasons. Since happy feelings often call for flowers, you will want your loved one to celebrate them with a different flowers Singapore arrangement every time.

Hand bouquet

Hand bouquets are pretty. They make women swoon and grown men coo. They are great for any type of occasion—special or regular—as they can instantly put a smile on anyone’s face. They can be ordered from pretty much every online flower delivery Singapore website in your area. Since they are mainstays in flower shops, you won’t have difficulty is getting one for your loved one’s birthday or anniversary. You can even give order it just because you want to make someone feel better. Bouquets are effective in lifting the mood all the time. Why do you think men give their ladies bouquets whenever they are upset?

Fruit basket

Fruit baskets are not available in every flower shop, but there are those that offer this in their extra or special services. The good thing about a fruit basket is it can make you feel healthy just by looking at it. Perhaps that is why visitors often bring fruit baskets with them when they visit loved ones and friends in hospitals. Some flower shops take this to the next level and decorate their fruit basket not only with assorted fruits but with flowers as well, making the fruit basket look like it was made by fairies. Cute, yeah?


Now, hampers are quite versatile as you can pretty much place what you want to add in the baby hamper singapore delivery. Do you want to add a stuffed toy? Go ahead. Do you want to place little trinkets that only your loved one can relate to? Go ahead and fill your hamper with sentimental mementos. You can do all this while also being able to place pretty flowers around them. Of course, if your hampers are more customized than the rest, you will have to give specific instructions to your florist.

No matter the occasion, your loved one will definitely be happy and love what you give to them. As they say, it’s about the thought, not the gift. Still, it’s a proud moment in your part, knowing that your loved one is touched by your thoughtful express flower and hamper delivery, and you made an effort in getting them that gift.