What I’ve Been Watching

Getting back into tv shows after months of not having the extra time in a day due to work (studies, jobs..) is such a bliss! I was overwhelmed by the episodes I have been missing and although I’m slowly going through my unwatched list, I also started watching new tv shows just because… Soz.


When I was in primary school, a local tv station aired Smallville every Sunday night and I would always watch it while doing my homework or chilling in my mom’s room. I finished the first two seasons in just a few weeks and will be continuing with the third one later. One more thing — can we talk about the soundtrack? I knew I liked Lifehouse – You and Me from that very show!


I have always been a fan of crime/action tv shows and this one is checked for both. I love playing this in the background while getting ready for work or before I go to bed. And Priyanka Chopra is beautiful bye.

The Kissing Booth

A few days ago, I finally watched The Kissing Booth movie after seeing it all hyped up on Twitter. It was an okay movie although I think the lead female character could have been chosen better. No hate to Joey King but I can’t see the chemistry between both lead characters.

Anyway, I need your suggestion on what to watch on Netflix. They have a pretty wide selection of movies and shows and I’m overwhelmed every time I try to find something to watch. Eeeek. So what do you suggest?