4 Things I Learned in 2017


I’m having a major blogging rut as this is my nth attempt of trying to make a post about 2017. If you are able to read this, then congratulations to myself for actually finishing a post in what felt like a month. Has it been a month since my last post? Almost, you, almost. I know that I keep on making excuses upon excuses whenever I am ‘missing in action’ from my blog but you know I love blogging so much that if I could do it everyday for the rest of my life then I really would but joke’s aside, life is getting in the way. I hope it’s not too late to wish you a very happy new year and may this year bring you a lot of happiness and money and success and a husband (if you’re not married yet. soz.) Here’s 4 things that I learned in 2017:

People will use you and the sad thing is they don’t feel bad about it.

And what’s saddest is they’re usually someone you called a friend. They hit you up when they’re in need and leave you high and dry when they don’t need you anymore. I keep letting myself to be used by this ‘friend’ which I still call a friend up to this day but the truth is, I’m so done with her shit. I’m not someone she can call when she needs something or when she’s in a difficult situation and throw me away the next day when she’s no longer in shitty position. It’s infuriating!

You can plan but it is God who decides.

The amount of time where I planned something which eventually did not even have a chance to happen is just — excuse my language, — bollocks. I was someone who liked being in control of everything and I have this over-confidence that what I wanted to happen will happen because I can make it happen. In 2017, I learned that I was in control of no shit and no matter how hard I tried, if God says it will not happen to me then forever it shall not. It really puts things into perspective, though, that we’re just a tiny human living in a bubble that we have no control of. A huge bubble, that is.

Money is important and so is the effort to get it.

I gotta admit that I have never been taught to save. I have never been taught the importance of money and the sweat and blood you have to sacrifice to get it. All I knew was to ask for money but never made the effort to actually earn it by myself. When I started my part-time job, I realised that holy crap, spending it is so much easier than to earn it. It made me even more mindful about my expenditure especially when I’m thinking of spending my money on pointless things that I probably won’t even use or remember buying (however, I do want the latest Pipdig theme release. So cute ugh!)

To love and being loved.

As I grow older, I keep my circle of friends smaller. People who were once the most important persons in your life may not be in that circle anymore and that’s okay. You will miss them from time to time but it will be okay. Sometimes we only cross path with someone once in our lifetime and although it hurts, time does not stop and you have to move on. I am blessed for 23 lifetimes for being loved by the same person that I love. I know that not everyone has the chance to feel what I feel and for that I’m forever grateful. Seems like my life doesn’t suck, after all.


What did you learn in 2017?