TV Shows I’ve Been Watching During Semester Break

I have a confession to make — if that isn’t obvious already — I am a huge fan of tv shows. I will always prefer tv shows over movies because in my opinion, I enjoy having tons of episodes to watch rather than a stand-alone 90-minute movie. Now, can you imagine Harry Potter being made into tv shows? I would have died right then and there! So here’s the list of tv shows I’ve been watching during semester break.


tv shows


The Good Wife season 5 | This has got to be on my top 5 of favourite tv shows ever because it’s that good. It’s all I’ve been watching for 4 weeks. I haven’t even looked at other shows I’m following well except for Game of Thrones of course.

The Flash season 3 | To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I didn’t go through the whole season and stopped halfway instead. We all thought that Iris was going to die but lo and behold, of course she couldn’t die. Of course. But the plot twist at the end, though!

Pretty Little Liars season 7 (finale) | Oh my sweet little liars.. As someone who started watching PLL in 2010, I am so glad that it has come to an end because boy the last few seasons were awful. They should have ended it when Charlotte was still alive and has been found out as the real A. Not some shitty Uber A that is Spencer’s evil twin — wait what?

Scream Queens season 2 (finale) | Another one of tv show that I am glad got canceled. The first season was quite enjoyable but the second one was just plain stupid. In season 2, I feel like they’re mocking the whole medical institution by making fun of work ethics of the doctors and nurses. If you want something laid-back to watch, then you could give it a go but I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Black Mirror season 3 | A f*cked up tv show about technology and how the consequences of too much of it can ruin a person’s life. Every episode is a different story and plot and I think you should check it out if you want a show that leaves you with your mouth hanging after every episode.

Criminal Minds season 12 | When I was 13 or 14, I remember spending two days finishing one whole season of Criminal Minds on TV. My dad’s friend downloaded all episodes on DVDs and being a binge-watcher me, I literally spent a couple of days just lying on the sofa like a slob I was. I still love watching it now but my favourite character, Derek Morgan is no longer on the show :'(

Elementary season 3 | A Sherlock Holmes tv show with a female ‘Joan’ Watson and a little less dramatic than Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch that we all so much. To me it was an okay show but that is because I like crime-solving tv series. If you like Sherlock Holmes, I’d say go for it!

Suits season 7 | HARVEY SPECTER IS SUPER COOL. LIKE, REALLY, REALLY COOL. Soz. I think that Mike has gotten more annoying this season and I do not enjoy his screen time not even a bit. He’s selfish and he doesn’t think of others — only what’s profiting and benefiting him. I don’t know what’s so great about him that makes Harvey want to keep him.

Prison Break season 5 (finale) | I want more scenes of Michael and his son! Ugh. I promise you, the end of every episode will leave you with a mini heart attack because imagine a group of prisoners who are plotting to escape from a federal prison? I know, right? They took a 7-year break since 2010 and they came back with the last 9 episodes. I am so glad that they didn’t leave it to hang and dry because the plot twist in season 4 finale is just so frustrating!

Game of Thrones season 7 | Can we just not talk about it because I’m afraid I will give out spoilers to those of you who haven’t watched because oh my gosh I cannot wait until 2019 for the next season! Are they trying to kill us???? Two years of waiting? Who do you think you are, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, is it?!?! END RANT.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 1 | I can assure you that the feminist in you will want to scream at the screen because of how stupid the laws are. The majority of the women are barren and those who are fertile are forced to become a handmaid or a servant to carry babies for the rich. The women are forbidden from reading, writing, owning property, and they basically do not have a life whatsoever. Once they are done giving birth for a family, they will then be posted to another family to carry another man’s child and the cycle goes. Pretty awful, huh?


So far these are all that I was able to watch in 10 days. I have four more shows that I’m planning to watch which are Gotham, House of Cards, Orphan Black, and Person of Interest. I hope I’m able to finish all of them before my semester break ends.

What’s currently on your watch list?