Hello blog, I’ve missed you.

I have been missing from the blogosphere for three weeks and I must say that I’m missing my blog so so much. There’s so much on my plate that needs my utmost attention so unfortunately I have to sacrifice my blog for the umpteenth time this year. However, I will update you with what’s been happening in my life recently:




If this isn’t news to you, my boyfriend came back to Malaysia for good after finishing his studies in the UK. Your home girl is no longer in long distance relationship woohoo! I must say that getting to be close to each other is so so worth it after being in an LDR for 2 and a half years. It feels like you just started dating!


I am done with semester 6, you guys! I took Teaching of Literature in Education exam on Monday and that concluded the end of the semester. My 7th semester will be starting on September 11th and I only have less than 3 weeks for semester break. Soz, uni. Soz.


A day after our mock teaching (where we had to conduct the whole lesson plan in class), a friend of mine just found out that his boyfriend passed away two days before after being in a comatose state due to an accident. It was horrifying.


After two weeks of losing my sanity due to my phone being broken (not really broken, the battery needed to be changed to a new one), I gambled and bought an iPhone as I was desperate for a working phone. Not the latest model, I must say, but as long as it has iMessage and the battery isn’t broken, then I’m fine with it. If you need to contact me asap, just iMessage me at syazanasyazreen[at]icloud.com for a chit chat.[/right]


I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH THE TV SHOW THE GOOD WIFE SINCE THE END OF JULY. It’s so so good and I highly recommend it if you like legal drama. I’m on the fifth season right now.


My dad has given me permission to trade-in my Canon EOS 60D for an Olympus Pen E-PL7 that I’ve been dying to have but I’m having second thought — I love my DSLR so much and I don’t think it’s worth it to trade it in for an Olympus Pen. What do you guys think?


I have a bunch of new favourites to be talked about on my blog but I left my camera and marble background in Shah Alam — and now I am living with regret. Should have brought them home because I won’t have time to blog and take photos next semester as my coursework will become more and more challenging. Theatre in TESL, say what?

What have you been up to? x