Weekend To-Do List

Hold up — I’m not running out of blog ideas, I swear I’m not but I was in the middle of doing my skincare routine and I saw my makeup brushes just lying there, dirty and unwashed for a very long time (I’m living off of a beauty sponge and a Real Techniques buffing brush as my blush brush soz) so I thought “hey maybe I could make it my weekend mission to have them washed” and I remember a bunch of things that I need to cross off of my check list and now we’re here — a blog post later.

One. Wash my makeup brushes

I haven’t washed them since June and the last time they got washed was by my sister because she wanted to use my brushes and makeup. I am the laziest when it comes to washing makeup brushes and I didn’t even bring that much to uni to begin with!

Two. Wash my bed sheet and comforter

I did 3 loads of wash full of my clothes, towel, and robe yesterday and I promise myself that I’m done with laundry for the week but I have just realised that my bed sheet has reached its two week mark and I couldn’t smell them anymore which means that they need to be washed, pronto. And that’s what I’ll be doing today.

Three. Finish an assignment due July 18th

Thank god that it’s a group work so I won’t have to do everything by myself! I’d probably do it with my friend on Monday though because procrastination is the best motivation but I can at least try to do some work this weekend. I need to catch up on my studies because this semester’s subjects albeit only two is no joke. By the way, on Monday we have to present our favourite poem, short story, movie, and novel in front of the class and I am super excited to talk about them!

Four. Pre-write blog posts

Recently I downloaded a plugin called ‘Editorial Calendar’ something-something where I can type down and move around which post I want when and it’s seriously a game-changer! (If you’re a WordPress user, I highly recommend that plugin.) I brainstormed on some post ideas that I wanted to publish on my blog and weekend is a great time to write as I don’t have anything much to do during the day.

What are you planning to do this weekend?