Lovin’ Lately | June

Shout out to the OG blogger who created the Lovin’ Lately posts because it is indeed less stressful than monthly favourites and short enough of a post that I can take around an hour to write it before I can hit ‘Publish’. It’s very similar to my A Few Things I’m Currently Loving post that I did 3 weeks ago but I hadn’t thought of what to name it. Lovin’ Lately is what many bloggers use so I think I’m gonna come up with a new title for this type of post. I have soooooo many series on my blog that I kinda did halfway like my Monthly Favourites post, Erin Talks post, The Sunday Currently post, and What I Love in A Month post. I just can’t commit!

lovin' lately

o1. McCafe Ice Caramel Latte

It’s cheaper than Starbucks and I’m addicted! McCafe is nearer to my house than Starbucks is so I’ve been really drowning myself in coffee because who doesn’t like coffee? I understand if you don’t but you’re really missing out on something so good. The stronger the coffee, the better it is. I must say that McCafe is not as good as Starbucks and you don’t have a wide variety of drinks but for a fraction of the price.. who am I to complain?

02. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation

Holy crap! This might be my favourite foundation of all-time. I’ve always been a dewy skin kinda gal although I have combination skin where I get super oily on my T-zone but I freaking love this foundation. However, I do use a moisturising primer underneath because the outer perimeter of my face can get really dry with matte foundation. I would say that this foundation is semi-matte finish and the good thing about this foundation is I don’t have to set it with powder and powder products go really well on top. I highly recommend this foundation!

03. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo

Finally, a lip product that is not a MAC lipstick, for once! San Paulo is what I reach for for days where I have super super minimal makeup and I want my lip colour to be the center of attention. I really like my collection of nude lipsticks but I enjoy switching up my lipstick shade once in a while. San Paulo complements my skin tone really nicely and it’s the kind of red that I feel comfortable using. Mind you that the swatches online are different depending on skin tones.

04. Cafeland – World Kitchen app

I hate it when I got sucked into playing games on my phone and this is one of that time. Cafeland is a cliché restaurant simulation game but oh do I enjoy it! I literally am charging my phone thrice a day because I run out of battery all the time as I’m always playing this game. I even spend my own real money purchasing coins and cash because I’m so addicted. This stupid stinking game is making me go broke. Click for Android and iOS.

05. Seed Casual Basic Legging

If I can wear one pair of pants for the rest of my life, this would be it. I don’t mind having tens of these and wearing them everyday because they’re so comfortable. I have a large bum so finding jeans or any type of pants without elastic bands are super hard for me because if I’m able to find any that can fit my bum, I’ll have to wear belt with it and I don’t like wearing belts. This legging doesn’t look like legging and since I’m wearing a larger size, it fits me perfectly without making my legs look naked, basically. I really love it.

What have you been loving?