5 Things I Wish I Had in My Bag When I Needed It

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of woman who always has to have her bag with her because I cannot function without my bag. Before I go out the door, I need to make sure that I have everything that I might possibly need throughout the day and I’ve gone many incidents where I just wished I had that thing in my bag and I’ve also come to the point where I purchased it immediately because I desperately needed it. That bad, huh?

Phone charger and USB cable

I have been a long time Android user and one thing about using Android is I’ve never needed to bring any powerbanks or charger just because my phone battery can last all day long but I’ve been getting into using Instagram Stories and I found myself having to charge my phone every 5 hours because it drained my battery like crazy. One time I purchased a new cable at campus because my phone died and the other time, I purchased a new USB charger because my friend and I were stuck in KL with no battery on our phones so we had to buy a USB charger. Since then, I’ve been bringing my charger and cable everywhere I go. No more dead phone for me!


If you think lipstick isn’t important, get outta here. Whenever I have a one-hour class, I didn’t think to bring my lipstick of the day just because meh I’ll only be at campus for like an hour and then I’ll go home but my friends usually ask me out after class and then I don’t have any lipstick to touch up and it drives me a little bit crazy when I can’t touch up on my lipstick so I’ll be sure to have one lipstick in my bag doesn’t matter what lipstick I’m wearing that day. I usually have MAC Velvet Teddy in my bag but right now, my current favourite is MAC Faux (Satin). Love it!

Water bottle

Two advices that I would give to people: 1. always moisturise, and 2. always stay hydrated. Staying hydrated all day is very self-explanatory. I usually just bring my own wherever I go and make sure that I refill my bottle for the next day. I’m not keen on buying mineral water every single day just because it’s not cost-effective. However, if you do go to Aeon Food Market, I really recommend the 6-pack for 3 ringgit ones as those are very cheap and what’s 3 ringgit a week, eh?


I like smelling good all day long so I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing perfume wherever I go. Foul body odour is just a no-no for me so I like knowing that I have something in my bag that can help me in that department. I don’t have body odour to begin with but it’s not necessarily a bad thing to freshen up a little bit in the middle of the day. After all, you don’t want your friends to be uncomfortable around you, right?

Contact lens solution + case

I rely heavily on contact lens because I’m basically blind without them but there are times when I have impromptu sleepover at a friend’s house and I have to borrow their lens case because I don’t have mine with me. Shoooooot. After that, I always make sure that I have a lens case with fresh solution in it so I can take off my lenses because you know wearing lenses for more than 12 hours is bad for your eyes (but I do it anyway!)

So what are the 5 things you wish you had in your bag when you needed it?