College Resolutions | What I’ll Do Better

As I’m typing this, I have Prison Break season 1 playing in background because I can’t write without having something to listen to and my bullet journal opened to a ‘brain dump’ page where I jotted down points for this particular post. I’m feeling overwhelmed right now because I’m going back to school in just 4 weeks to finish off the remaining a year and a half of my college degree, in shaa Allah.

Doing a gap year in between studies was a pleasure for me but there are a few cons that come with it. You won’t graduate on time with your classmates and your brain just forgets everything you’ve learned so far. All I remember about my studies is I’m taking an Education degree and that’s just about it. I’m pretty sure I learned something about psychology and counseling and literature, if I remember correctly..?

I want to start afresh on this second half of my degree by doing or start doing certain things to ensure that I have a productive study life so I can get into dean’s list. My brother gets into dean’s list every semester and although I never feel competitive with anyone about anything, I should at least study so I can achieve that.

Here’s the thing — I never really study my ass off during the 4 semesters I have done and during the last two semesters I had personal problems going on so I couldn’t focus at all which is why I took a gap year. Things are still not okay but I have to go back to school no matter what. For this upcoming school year, I want to change my routine and do the best that I can. I can’t imagine how I’ll improve if I actually give a damn about my studies and course work and never skipping class.

plan for college degree

Never miss a class

I always missed morning and evening classes like, 8 am class and 6 pm class? Nah I don’t think so. I rarely go to tutorial classes too because it’s just a recap of what you learn in lecture class and I’m probably one of the worst students when it comes to attendance because sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered to go. So I vowed to myself that I won’t skip classes anymore. Once or twice, maybe. But only going to two class in a week like I did in my previous semesters? Never again.


For my previous semester, I started using a printable planner from here and I loved it so much! I have a purple binder where I store all of my notes and planner for school so I went to class only bringing that binder because I have everything I possibly need for class in it. I also bring some A4 and lined papers in case if I need to jot down more notes. Maybe I can do a blog post about it a few months after?

Get a part time job

Not sure if I wanted to get a part time job while studying full-time but if I do, that’ll be on the weekends because I don’t do anything on the weekends so I might as well get a job and save some money. I’m almost 22, you guys, and it’s time to start being half-independent. I never save up for anything expensive in my whole life so I wanna try to save money for an Olympus Pen. Wish me luck!

Beat procrastination

It’s the perfect time for me to start doing work gradually instead of dumping and doing everything on the last two days before deadline. I don’t know about you but I’m someone who can work productively on the very last-minute but if I want to divide time accordingly between studying, blogging, and possibly a part time job, I have to stop procrastinating and being a lazy slob and start being productive and getting everything done on time so I don’t have to stress about having to do everything in a limited time.

Eating healthy

Eating at home where your mom cooks and buys food for you is not exactly a diet that can lose you some weight, I learn that now. When I go back to school, I can do my own grocery shopping and prepare healthy food so I can stay fit. Or I can just buy nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah that I used to eat 5 days of the week. Either the former or the latter. I also wanna go to the gym and swim every week because the building I’ll be living in has a gym and pool.

Spend money mindfully

If you’re familiar with my university, AEON Mall Shah Alam is literally a walking distance from university and my house building. We have Sephora there and I can’t promise that I won’t go to the mall everyday after class. I just hope that I won’t spend my money on ridiculous things that I don’t need. Just last week I bought a finance app on Play Store called My Budget Book. I’ve tried a few free ones before but I felt like they don’t have features that I wanted so I’m really happy with this app. I paid 10 ringgit for it and it’s worth every penny. I hate apps that have ads so I usually buy the full version. But unfortunately, this app does not have a lite version so you’ll have to purchase it to try. You can get a refund if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Spend more time in the library

I’m pretty sure we don’t have wifi in the house I’ll be living in so I wanna spend time in the library after class for the wifi and also to study and do some work be it assignment-related or blogging. I upgraded my phone plan so I have more internet data but I can’t study at home, you guys. My college house is always cold ’cause we don’t have ceiling fan, only air-conditioner. Being at home means I’ll spend more time sleeping in than being awake and do work. How can I be productive if I’m always going to be a lazy slob everywhere I am. Tsk.

These are my college resolutions for this year.  Do you have any more tips that worked for you during your study years that might work for me?

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