The Sunday Currently: Vol. 3

Hi everyone, how are you doing? I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Today was simply the laziest day out of the week for me. I spent all day including eating lunch in my bed. I had chicken rice in a bowl while all curled up under the cover with the second season of Elementary on iflix. Sunday is nice. Sunday is good. There are no other day like Sundays.

— Reading

7 Hari Mencintaiku by Siti Rosmizah.
I read this novel way back in 2012 and since the drama is showing on television right now, I thought I would go down the memory lane once again and reread it.

— Writing

I have a bunch of drafts that I haven’t finished writing yet. I have so many ideas for blog posts but my brain just wants to shut down all the time. Blogging? Nope. Sleeping? Nope. Everything else — A BIG NOPE.

 — Listening

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) by Whitney Houston.
Because I love me some 80s. A good pick me up song when you’re feeling down.

— Thinking

… of doing a Q&A posts. Am I well-known enough to do a Q&A though…

— Smelling

My room! The other day I bought an Ambi Pur air freshener in Green Tea which is my favourite scent for my room but the thing is it doesn’t smell like green tea. It actually smells like my brother. Oh y’know, the usual boy scent. Maybe they mislabeled it I’m not sure but hey if your partner is far away and you need some testosterone scent, Ambi Pur Green Tea is a good alternative.

— Wishing

… for a new template but the currency is awful right now. RM270 for a template? Na-uh. Maybe when the currency gets better. So I took a few hours last night to revamp my blog! I change the colour scheme to #eeeeee, deleted some widgets, added a few more, and if you’re reading this you might notice that I have 3 columns for post page! On the right sidebar you can see my popular posts this month and everything else is moved to the left.

— Hoping

… that Guardian Online processes my order as soon as possible. They had a buy 1 free 1 deal last Friday and a lot of products were on sale so I picked up a few things that I needed. I will do a Mini Drugstore Haul along with two products I got from Watsons Online a few weeks ago.

— Wearing

MNG sequin shirt and Tesco shorts.
Like I said in my previous two TSC, Tesco shorts are my favourite and I have a hefty amount of them in my collection so I probably can get away with wearing Tesco pants everyday for two weeks without reusing the same one.

— Loving

I feel like I should do a current love post showing you the products, songs, shows, and everything else I’ve been loving right now but for this TSC, I will have to go with my newly revamped design. I absolutely love it!

— Wanting

… a new Earpods. I’m on my third right now and this piece of junk is nothing but pricey with zero quality. Although credit must be given as it survived being in washing machine for 45 minutes..

— Needing

… a new pair of contact lens. I usually buy the 3 month disposable ones but I use them for a solid two months before purchasing another pair just because I’m not confident that the lenses can withstand being used for a lot longer than that.

— Feeling

… like I could use some sleep.