Erin Talks: Seth Tan, EXO, Glenn Rhee, templates, and meatballs!

erin talks
Grab a cuppa ’cause this might be a long Erin Talks.


I have just finished binge-watching Nora Elena again on Iflix and I just had to write this post.

I just had to.

OH MY GOD?????

I forgot how much I loved that drama and how much I loved Seth Tan. I do not condone the whole (trigger warning) rape situation and I do not wish to talk about it so that part is better left out. Seth Tan is a fictional character anyway and it’s not like he did it in real life or whatever. Right?

Now we talk about the good part. The good husband part. Malay dramas are so cliche it actually hurt my brain trying to process the ‘accidental’ things (example: both lead characters hit each other’s car and bickered/found out moms want them to marry. OH PLS!) that happen in each goddamn drama but in Nora Elena the only cliche plot I knew is Seth Tan knew Nora Elena when she bumped into him and takes a liking to her knowing that she is his staff’s fiancée and later found out that she was the girl he (trigger warning) and loved 10 years ago and somehow within God’s work, they are married! Life sure does work in mysterious ways in novels, doesn’t it?

Although if I were Elena I do not mind marrying a guy who loves me more than I do him and is super hot and super rich and super protective. (I talk about Malay dramas being cliche while I’m the cliche-minded woman here) (Who could resist this type of guy?)


Am I the only one who can’t write while listening to vocal music? I can only write high quality posts with instrumental music playing in background, preferably my instrumental playlist on Spotify. Yes, I have playlists for everything, quit judging me. For Erin Talks, EXO – Don’t Go is my favourite to listen to. Hands off! Sehun and Kai are mine. #bae

I love every piece in that playlist except Yiruma – River Flows in You because it reminds me of April and August last year when my boyfriend was on a flight back to the UK. I listened to that piece on repeat while tracking his flight on FlightAware and crying my bloody eyes out refreshing the page only to see the small plane icon moving away and away from KLIA and cried even more when he reached London. I hate that feeling. I hate British Airways.

And for his flight home Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles gives me joy listening to while waiting.


Let’s talk about The Walking Dead new season 7.

If you’re not a ‘cult’ follower, then you may skip ahead to talk #4.

As you may know, Glenn died. My KPOP baby (he’s Korean) is dead! He was brutally killed by Negan, the main antagonist in the series. Negan is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is one of my favourite actors. Gaaaaaah. I hate him for killing Glenn but I love him because he’s a good actor. I love him in Grey’s Anatomy (he was in the earlier seasons) and The Accidental Husband with Uma Thurman. If you haven’t watched that movie yet, please go watch it. I’m a rom-com/chick flick sucker and I probably have watched 75% of famous rom-com/chick flick to date and they’re as cliche as Malay dramas but my heart loves it.

I went from talking about zombie series to chick flick movies in the same paragraph. I’m so good at this, no?????

And bee tee dubs, I am skipping season 7 because Glenn is dead. It’s not going to be the same without him anymore.


I wanna talk about my giveaway next. The reason why I love giving away templates is because I think bloggers can benefit more with a template than any other stuff. I see so many of you complaining about free templates and honestly how many of you have used the Rosemary template by ThemeXpose in the past?

A lot. I know.

The thing with free templates is you can’t do much with it and if you want to tweak it to your liking, you will have to purchase the supported version which is exactly the same like premade templates available on Etsy. And with the free version, there is no support which means you either fix it yourself or find some other templates that can do what you want. If you spend a lot of time on your blog (I probably spend every waking hour with my blog), I don’t think forking out less than 50 ringgit for a simple and cute template with support from the seller is too much.

To date, I have spend around 260 ringgit for my own blog templates (not including giveaways) and to be honest although I spent that much money on intangible things, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money or anything. Blogging is my hobby and I should be willing to spend money on my hobby. Who knows if I might earn stable income from my blog, right?

And I feel less bad about spending money on my blog because my parents are so supportive of my hobby. My mom thinks my blog is beautiful and I know she tried her best to refrain herself from freaking out when I told her the price of my current template… And my dad supports me with whatever I decide to do with my life.

Regarding my latest giveaway, I actually messaged Fearne on Etsy and asked her if she would like to sponsor my template giveaway and the next day I got a reply from her and she agreed! Oh the things I do for my followers… #pleasegivemesomeloveokay.

I know some of you are curious about how Rafflecopter form works. It’s very simple. You know how other bloggers do giveaway and generate a number from to get the winner?

Rafflecopter uses too. The only difference is with the usual blog post entries, you only get one entry for your blog which means, if there are 100 different blogs participating, your chances of winning is 1/100. With Rafflecopter, 3 points means you get 3 entries equals to 3 blog post entries.

I use Rafflecopter platform itself to get a winner and they’re using (third party app) to generate a random winner. If I want to pick a random winner on my own using, I would key in the number of entries (for now I have 155 entries) and see which number I get. For example, if I get the number 30, that means Fatina wins. Or I get the number 7, then Ain wins. That is why you should visit the giveaway post everyday, comment on that post and click the daily entry to get extra 2 entries everyday so the more entries you submitted, the higher chance you’ll win.

And yes, I do remove entries that don’t abide by the rules. So far, I have deleted two entries from two different blogs for simply not commenting on that post but entered “Comment on this blog post”. I have to be fair, you know? It’s not fair for the other participants who do leave a comment on that post everyday.

The winner will be announced on that form so just come back on November 19th to check the winners.


I went for a late lunch with my family (excluding my brother, he’s at UNITEN hah PADAN MUKA) at IKEA Cheras yesterday. We initially planned to have lunch at TESCO but dad drove straight ahead to KL and internally I was screaming “goddamned it my outfit is not on point this is my TESCO outfit!”. The last time my dad did this was in 2013 when we planned to eat at TESCO but went to Pavilion instead. I don’t dress up for other people but my outfit wasn’t on point with my standard hey-I’m-gorgeous-today-everything-is-on-fleek-including-my-brows look. I felt so underdressed.

I had salmon with wheat pilaf. To be honest, the meatballs at IKEA Damansara is better than Cheras’. The ones at Cheras were drier and less tasty. Maybe they use different meat supplier?


I ship Neelofa and Fattah Amin so hard it hurts. Enough with the countless eye contact and attraction innuendos, just date already!