Pamper Night: Etude House It’s Real Broccoli Pack Review

So I was showering late last night and I thought to myself “Hmm I found a mask pack in the fridge that I left there a year ago. I think the expiry date hasn’t passed yet. Maybe I should use it.” So after I took my shower, I put on my robe, went downstairs and get this baby down here.

I’m hoping to god that it hasn’t expired yet because I have already put it on my face and so far nothing weird has happened. Please don’t try this at home. Don’t leave your mask for a year in the fridge. No no. But leaving your mask in the fridge will give you cooling effect when you put in on your face. It feels so good and cool.

It comes in pack of 3. I have already used the other 2. 1 pack can be used 1 to 2 times. I usually use it twice per pack so my mom got the other half because I don’t feel like leaving it opened in the fridge.

I love this thing because it smells very nice despite having broccoli as its main ingredient. It moisturizes the skin, making it soft, smooth, and elastic. It does the job really well! Upon slathering it all over my face, I felt slightly itchy around the sides of my nose maybe because the areas there are very sensitive. The itchiness only last a minute or so.  

I would suggest putting this mask using a foundation brush that you no longer use (they say it might ruin the bristles but I hentam saja with my normal brush) or by fingers. Using a brush is a lot faster, though.

I love this mask. I left it for about thirty minutes or until it dries up. Before washing it off, I would suggest massaging your face for a few minutes to completely let the goodness of the product to be soaked into the skin.

And taaaadaaaaaa! My skin feels so fresh and moisturized! You can go ahead and put on your night cream/serum or whatever products you use at night. I’m thinking of doing an update every month about my skin. I’m in the process of getting rid of the acne discoloration/mark (yes guys I just found out that acne scars are actually indentation caused by acne, the ones I have are discoloration/mark, I don’t have indentation on my face) so I thought it would be fun and informative to do an update monthly so I can see if there is any changes on my face. Whaddayathink?  

Do you have any mask favourites that you can recommend to me?