50 Blogging Ideas for Writer’s Block

Writing a blog post can be really time-consuming, head-banging, and super frustrating process. I find myself having to spend around 1 to 2 hours for picture-heavy posts. On top of that, let’s not forget writer’s block; that common situation when we don’t know what to post! It happened to me quite a lot recently and what I did to combat that ‘disease’ was googling for blog ideas that might suit my blog/the ones that I found interesting. I accumulated quite a few numbers of blogging ideas and I wanted to share them with you in case you’re having the same problem as I do.

  1. Blogging tips and tricks I have accumulated
  2. Blogging/photography equipment
  3. Healthy food recipes
  4. University/college advices
  5. How to de-stress/relax
  6. How did you begin blogging
  7. General haul
  8. Tips for managing your blog
  9. Favourite apps on smartphone/laptop/tablet
  10. Share your education story
  11. Favourite makeup brushes
  12. Beauty products for starting off your makeup bag
  13. Breakfast ideas
  14. 5 things you’d change about blogging
  15. Weekly food diary
  16. How to stay positive when you’re feeling negative
  17. Tips on surviving university
  18. A day in the life
  19. Shoes/bags collection
  20. Favourite spot to eat
  21. Holy grail products
  22. Favourite YouTube channels
  23. What’s in my makeup bag
  24. Beauty products on a budget
  25. Favourite fragrance
  26. Places you want to visit
  27. Fun tag
  28. Morning/night routine
  29. Something you overcame
  30. Your dreams of the future
  31. Funny/weird stories
  32. Talk about your hobbies
  33. Share your playlist
  34. Tips on something you’re passionate about
  35. Pros and cons of something
  36. Share your everyday schedule
  37. Weekly/monthly/yearly goals
  38. How-to post
  39. Music/movies/books you’re obsessed with
  40. Advice for other bloggers
  41. Blogging process/how you create post
  42. Compile helpful/interesting posts
  43. Favourite places to shop
  44. Tips for doing something efficiently
  45. 5 items you suggest everyone carries
  46. Try a popular recipe/DIY on Pinterest
  47. Playlist you listen to when blogging
  48. Create a ’10 things’ post
  49. Current inspiration
  50. Journal/planner, how to use it best