10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Today’s post is about ten things I cannot live without, no human/spiritual entities (why would someone?) included. Everyone has a list of things that they simply can’t live without or else they couldn’t function! Ok that’s merely exaggerating but you get my vibe, right?! For some people it’s their bantal busuk, for some it’s selimut busuk. But thank god I have neither, okay!! *wipes sweats on the forehead*   I gotta warn you beforehand that half of the things in my list is absurd. You’ll see what I mean. Keep on reading. Read updated post here.

Carrie Junior baby powder (especially the pink one). Hwaaaa for some people, they wouldn’t bat an eye but for me this thing is life ok! I cannot not use baby powder on my neck after shower. The thing about me is I hate feeling sticky especially on the area around my neck and in this hot weather, having baby powder around your neck really cools down the sweat formation, yknow what I mean? I have been using baby powder since years ago and the large bottle lasts me a whole year. I love it. Won’t even trade it for Johnson & Johnson.

Vaseline. Chapped lips, cracked soles, and dry skin. No worries. Vaseline is there to help you every step of the way. I always use Vaseline on my lips after showering. I also use it on my brows if I want them to grow faster and thicker. The other day my cheeks got really dry so I went ahead and put some Vaseline on my cheeks overnight, the next morning my skin was better! The medium tub can last you a really long time, too. (See I’m suggesting you guys cheap body stuff that works)

Shaver. I salute you if you can go a day without shaving your underarms. You know how the hair on our body grow everyday including our underarms? It tickles, okay?! I just hate the feeling of something pricking my underarms. If you didn’t like using shaver, go ahead and pluck them using a tweezer. I can handle plucking eyebrows, but bulu ketiak?! Na-uh.

Eyeglasses. I am one of those unlucky people in the world who has bad eyes. I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was 9 years old. At first it was only mild short-sightedness, with only 0.75 lens power. And seven years later? 4.75 on left eye and 4.50 on the right! It’s my fault for not taking good care of my eyes at the first place. I used computer and phone in the dark. I read in the dark. I did not wear my glasses when I went out. And now I couldn’t live without my glasses.

Dnars. Well this is stupid but when you have a sensitive skin like I do, skincare products are what you cling on to everyday. I get very anal about this matter and I would practically get out of bed no matter how sleepy I am if I hadn’t washed my face and put on my night cream yet. Must wash face before bed. Must use night cream before bed. The acne scars must go.

Laptop. There are 3 types of people in the world: phone-dependant, laptop-dependant, and independent (I totally made this up please don’t trust everything you read on the internet). I am laptop-dependant. A day without my laptop is like a year without rain.. (I totally didn’t quote Selena Gomez’s song there) But seriously though! I can go days without touching my phone but once I’m outside and I obviously lah I couldn’t bring my laptop with me, I get all agitated wanting to be home as soon as possible. My obsession with my laptop is really bad.

Game of Thrones box set. Someone I love bought it for me two years ago and I love it! I love Game of Thrones tv show but I love the book series even more. I haven’t finished reading the first book because I’ve been in a vegetative state when it comes to finishing a book since forever. I need to get that fast-reader mode of me out so I can finish all of my unread books. And trust me, I have quite a lot. But hoarding books is different than hoarding makeups. Makeups expire, books don’t.

Handbags. Some girls can use the same bag the whole semester but I can’t. Nope. I change bag  twice in a week. Sometimes I change it everyday. I know, it’s really bad. It’s just I got bored easily and my bag has to complement my outfit, you know? I can’t be wearing baju kurung with a sling bag, right??! *looks at bags scattered on the floor because I’m out of space*

Sushi King, IKEA Meatballs, KFC. I kid you not, I have them every single month back in Shah Alam. Sometimes I had sushi and meatballs in the same week for two weeks and KFC the next. I cannot resist sushi. And I love meatballs and that delicious lingonberry jam. KFC? Who doesn’t love chicken? I mean????? Spicy chicken????? (2.30 am. I’m hungry)

The beach. My safe haven. My home. My place. My sanctuary. There aren’t any words that could define my fondness of the beach. It’s very calming. I love the feeling of sand and water on my feet. I would love to be in the middle of the ocean by myself surrounded by all the water. Aaaaah. (But then I would probably be dead.)

What is your 10 things?